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Jes Extender Review - The cheap Penis Extender

A while ago I got hold of two Jes extenders, both "Budget" and the "Silver" versions, to judge them for my own use. (I'm an enthusiastic fan of PE). Nevertheless, I must confess that after checking them out, I was somewhat disillusioned.

The first noticeable feature of the Jes was its design like a noose, typical for numerous traction devices. This kind of a particular form should make the extender easy-to-wear but it cuts off the accurate to the penis, and presses the organ resulting in painful, even after putting it on for a short period. I was at such unease that I actually were required to remove it only after a couple of minutes.

You can decrease this uneasiness problem a little, by opting for the extender's either "Silver" or "Gold" types. These come with a strap for ease-of-use and wear, which keeps them more relaxing for the entire body than the only-noose variations (namely, the "Budget" and "Original" versions). Yet I am unable to deny, that even with my "Silver" version of the Jes with the strap for comfort, We don't find it as nice and snug as the SizeGenetics or Fastsize extenders.

The other negative feature of the Jes is its policy for giving back money. The policy says that after you have looked at the extender in person, weight loss get any money refunded. This policy is quite vague since there is no reason why someone would actually order the extender and then return it without seeking it, and then ask for their money again.

Having made clear the negative points, now I think it is my duty to tell you about the good features of this extender. The Jes extender has been founded by means of executed scientific tests as effectual. That is on par with the CE Jes Extender security regulations for Class I medical device and so , it is good and undamaging to use. Other penile enlargement fans have said to me that this helps in augmenting the duration of the penis, though I, myself could not bear to wear it for an appropriate length of time to feel any apparent benefits.

Also, if your purse is tight, you might want to check out the "budget" version of the Jes. Obtainable on month to month payment scheme, it is possibly the least expensive of most extenders doing the rounds today. So the Jes "budget" version just might be your answer if you long for a penis extender on a low budget.

Another good thing about the Jes extender is that it is tough and made to persist. The "gold" version Jes includes a guarantee for life, during your time on st. kitts is a one-year warrantee on even the "Budget" version. The Jes might be your right option, if you are looking at using the extender for some time and are okay with the associated discomfort.

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