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Do you know the Main Causes of Stomach Fat?

A flat stomach is the result of diet and exercise! The unaesthetic appearance of tummy fat influences both men and women, regardless of their weight. There are many slim people who have stomach fat because of menopause, genetics, stress, improper digestion, slow metabolism, a poor position and bad eating practices. There is no miracle cure that will help you lose tummy excess fat.

Everyone agrees that diet has a major role when it comes about getting rid of excess fat. The regular consumption of fast food, carbonated juices, alcohol, beer and candy leads to weight gain. Women are more predisposed to store fat (especially around the tummy) because of the changes occurred during menopause. Also, the premenstrual period will cause water retention in the pelvic area, due to higher estrogen levels.

In many cases, tummy fat is the result of an improper digestion and gastrointestinal problems. That is why it's suggested to hydrate your body properly and adopt a balanced diet based on the usage of fruits and vegetables. Drink tea and infusions with detoxifying effects and try to avoid eating meat and diary products more than 2-3 times a week.

Lifestyle is perhaps one of the main factors. A sedentary life and stress doesn't just make your tummy bigger, but it can business lead to obesity and serious Flat Tummy Tea health problems. Your body emits the hormone cortisol when you are under stress, favoring the absorption of sugar. Which means that your body stores more calories than it needs, especially in the abs area.

Basic solutions to remove tummy excess fat are not always as efficient as we tend to believe. Experts claim that in order to achieve a normal body weight, we have to work continually with our muscles and alter our eating habits. Although we notice everyday about miraculous ointments, lotions and pills promising to eliminate tummy fat, the world is still filled with people suffering from weight problems and weight problems.

Maybe some of us all wonder why we must have some strong belly muscles, as long as this area of the body is not quite visible, being covered by clothes. Nicely, these muscles have the role to back up and protect our internal organs, contributing to the proper functioning of the body.

As you can see, the primary reasons for stomach fat are unacceptable diet and the shortage of exercise. Yet , there are other factors contributing to weight gain, so it's important to determine the reasons for tummy fat and change something special in lifestyle.

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